North America (2014)

This project was the culmination of a self propelled journey from Yellow Knife, North West Territories, Canada to St. Louis, Missouri, United States.  Using the Patrick Leigh Fermor’s trip through Europe in the 1930s as a rough outline and following the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline I walked, paddled, and cycled my way into a dark and solemn summer.

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Neskaupkóda or Norðotype

In the summer of 2017 as the collective Designers and Forests we participated in a summer residency in East Iceland. Using the methods we have been using with the D&F project we created the small community project: norð

Megan exploring Neskaupstadur
Community S’mores night at Þorsmörk.
After catching a ride to the river east of town Megan and I spent the day fly fishing for arctic char.
The finished whaling port tile for Norð